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The Telecommunications industry as a whole is seeing a record expansion as every company in the U.S. is racing to build their 5G networks. As many professionals know, this requires millions of miles of new fiber optic construction for companies to provide the wireless signals to their customers. The new federal funding for local and rural development of internet and new technologies has become a great opportunity companies to expand and grow. Of course with that comes challenges. This is where TRS can help.

The professionals at TRS understand the market trends and challenges employers face everyday. TRS was created  by Telecom Engineers who understand the industry. We have many relationship we have leveraged to provide keen insight in to the telecom industry. We are more than just recruiters, we consult with our client about job market trends, competition, and hiring strategies.

TRS prides itself on outstanding customer service and relationship building throughout the Telecom industry. We provide the best direct hire talent to our clients through our extensive interviewing & vetting process. TRS also provides project staffing & temporary contracted labor for all manner of projects.

Our network of telecom professions is second to none. We are able to provide well vetted candidates that matches our clients strategic needs fast. Telecom Recruiting Specialists is the team you need to fill your mission critical roles.