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TRS is a technology talent recruiting company based in Arkansas. We pride ourselves in serving the tech industry throughout the entire US. We have been immensely successful in creating a national network of highly adept and intelligent technical professionals. Our services can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects, goals and be an invaluable asset in obtaining top talent within your company structure.


TRS recruiters care about our candidates. We know changing careers is always stressful and exciting at the same time. We want to help every candidate have a smooth transition into their new position. We actively communicate with our candidates throughout the hiring process to address any concerns or questions they may. We want you and your family to enjoy this experience, and most of all: We want every candidate we work with to be successful.

Industries we serve

Let us deal with the job boards, screenings and resume reviews. If you receive a CV from TRS, you know that you’re getting the top talent every time.
With industry professionals who have worked in all aspects of telecommunications, we can provide more than resumes to our clients. We provide the confidence to our clients that when we present a candidate, we understand the fundamental requirements needed to be successful in the position being filled.
Microwave / Antenna
We have been immensely successful in creating a national network of highly adept and intelligent telecom professionals, who will exceed all expectations.
Software / IT
While we specialize in the Tech arena, from Telecom, IT, Microwave, to manufacturing. Our process of identifying, vetting, and placing a candidate is second to none. We value quality over the quantity of successful placements at all times.

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